Hannah's Pies - suppliers of quality pies to almost all of Sydney
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Hannah’s Pies – suppliers of quality pies to almost all of Sydney


Sydney Pies (some people call it “poy” ) are a tradition like the New York HotDog!
Usually Meat pies made from an unknown variety of suspect meat – no different than the hotdog. It is consumed at sports, in the park, on the beach, in pubs, on the train platforms (There is a vintage variety, still available, called the “Railway Pie”) –  and almost anywhere…

I was told by a reliable authority – which may or may not be true – that almost all quality pies in Sydney, including the famous Harry’s Cafe de Wheels pies,  come from the one bakery/pie farm – Hannahs Pies!
[ I now know it to be 100% true because Harry’s say it themselves on their website – Hannah’s has been supplying Harry’s for the last 15 years – that’s a lot of pies]

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Hannah’s Pies in Ultimo, Sydney



YELP Reviews

Yelpers say:

This is what the very eloquent Jesse A of Redfern, New South Wales (the state Sydney is part of) had to say on Yelp “..Hannah’s Pies is basically Harry de Wheels, but with tits.
Same pies, same prices, same mushy peas.
Sometimes that’s exactly what you want.

As Morgan C says, once you get your pie, it’s a bit awkward because there aren’t many places to sit and eat it. And this is not the sort of thing you can eat standing up.  For sitting options, there’s the Powerhouse Museum forecourt (which will become more “scenic” in the coming months, with the refurb… though that’s still underway at the moment). Yeh…  Ultimo ‘aint so pretty. But neither are these pies. They’re messy, satisfying, and stick to your ribs. I recommend the Tiger Pie, as that comes with a little bit of everything.

If you don’t want a big meal they also have hotdogs, pasties (not very exciting), or you can pay $1 for a big dollop of mash & gravy. $1 mash actually fills you up pretty well, in a not-nutritionally-useful sort of way.”

Remi C. of Huntington Station, United States (also on Yelp) was trying to save some money and said “Yummy pies. Bigger and better than Pie Face, at about the same price. I had the steak and pepper pie, and wowowowow there were like real peppercorns in there. It was brilliant.”

Danielle L. Sydney New South Wales (also on Yelp) says “Sometimes you just need a pie – but when you’re vegetarian there’s never really a good option – which makes Hannah’s a great find – why? Not because they have a zillion options – in fact they only have one – but the one they have is amazing!
My fellow animal lovers – may i please suggest that you get the vegeterian pie with mushy peas and gravy! It is so so good, that you’re ignore the calories and simply enjoy the taste.

Hannah’s is a great place to grab an inexpensive snack…and even though its randomly placed in the middle of Harris street it’s worthy of a drop in.”

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Hannah’s Pies in Ultimo – just opposite the Powerhouse Museum




TRIP ADVISOR Reviewers Say:

Excellent!! The best beef pies in Australia! exclaims CHRIS G of Central Point, Oregon

“These were the best beef pies I had in all of Australia when visiting some 12 years ago from the USA! They were so memorable; I was just looking online for a recipe to duplicate them and decided to look up Hannah’s and found this site. I was tempted to get the 12 pack, but knew I’d have to keep them in a hotel fridge and transport them from city to city. Thanks so much for adding to all of my great memories of Australia!

Looking for a great Ozie meat pie in Sydney?” asks Raymond H of Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia

“For the past sixty-odd years, Harry’s Café de Wheels has earned itself legendary status at Sydney’s Wooloomooloo Bay waterfront, as the vendor of arguably the best meat pies in the city.

For the uninitiated, a meat pie is a classic Aussie mobile meal that fulfils the same function as the sandwich, hot dog or hamburger.

A little-known fact is that the same meat pies are available at an outlet on the other side of the city centre – in Ultimo. It is actually Harry’s source – Hannah’s Pies.

Hannah’s Pies has a street-side counter in front of their kitchens, where all the favourites are available, including the classic Pie & Peas. It’s a meat pie, heaped with mashed cooked green peas, then you add tomato sauce (ketchup). It is served on a paper plate and can be a tad messy if one I not diligent, but oh so worth the effort.

The difference between a store-bought mass-produced meat pie, and a pie from Hannah’s is so evident that after having a Hannah’s, I believe that you are spoilt for any other pie.

Apart from the classic meat pie, two particular favourites of ours are the seafood, with a mornay-style filling and the curry. The plump pasties are also a treat.

An insider piece of information is that because this is the source, you can purchase pies from Hannah’s cool-room to take home and warm up for a later meal. In fact we are so fond of Hannah’s that when we were on an extended assignment in Thailand, we used to buy them a dozen at a time then individually zip-bag them, freeze them, and take them with us as check-in luggage.”

Tasty fast foodsays Mareamasch from Nichada thani, Thailand

Yummy food! We stopped here after a morning spent at the Powerhouse Museum next door. I had the curry chicken meat pie, my mother in law had the steak and mushroom ( which had a distinct flavoring/herb that I have have had before.) my three boys had their
Hotdogs which had amazing buns! So soft! Only wish the shop had some tables or benches to sit on.

What’re you waiting for?

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