The old Rocks area is pretty interesting as it is, but add the personalities of the characters that inhabit the area and exploring the Rocks takes on a whole new meaning.

I was wandering past the old Palisade Hotel – a bit decrepit then (in 2010 – but closed and shuttered now), and I saw these three blokes hanging together on the porch of the Palisades. They seemed very comfortable in their skins and with each other. They were happy to chat.

One (white shirt) is a tourist coach driver, the seated guy is a courier and the bearded guy did something in the area, I can’t remember.

The guy in the foreground shared his philosophy of friends and beer with me. “Beer brings friends – old and new – together. It gives you time to chat, spend time with mates and gives you a better understanding of the people around you …beer is good for making friends”

The Palisade Hotel, on the corner of Munn and Bettington Streets, in Millers Point is (was) a classical brick with sandstone trim Federation FreeStyle building built above Sydney’s historic docklands, with panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, Cockle Bay, and Millers Point. It was a short walk from the heart of The Rocks and Circular Quay, and down the road from Observatory Hill.

The SydneyArchitecture site tells us: “The Palisade was built in 1912 on a sandstone bluff overlooking the wharves in Walsh Bay. Like many other hotels in the area this one replaced an earlier Palisade. This pub was popular with labourers working on the Sydney Harbour Bridge from 1923 to 1932”

The original pub on this site was built around 1880 near the palisade fence that ran from Munn Street to Bettington Street and was popular with wharf workers before the Sydney Harbour Trust built the current five-storey Federation Free style structure in its place in 1901. The architect was Henry D. Walsh – Chief Engineer – Sydney Harbour Trust.


Palisade Hotel - Millers Point, The Rocks - Image: Wikimedia commons CC
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Palisade Hotel – Millers Point, The Rocks – Image: Wikimedia commons CC



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